# Labels Label

Create a <Label>label</Label> to highlight information

            const labelInstance = (
                <h1>Label <Label>New</Label></h1>
                <h2>Label <Label>New</Label></h2>
                <h3>Label <Label>New</Label></h3>
                <h4>Label <Label>New</Label></h4>
                <h5>Label <Label>New</Label></h5>
                <p>Label <Label>New</Label></p>


# Available variations

Add any of the below mentioned modifier classes to change the appearance of a label.

            const labelVariationInstance = (
                <Label bsStyle="default">Default</Label>&nbsp;
                <Label bsStyle="primary">Primary</Label>&nbsp;
                <Label bsStyle="success">Success</Label>&nbsp;
                <Label bsStyle="info">Info</Label>&nbsp;
                <Label bsStyle="warning">Warning</Label>&nbsp;
                <Label bsStyle="danger">Danger</Label>


# Props

bsClassstring'label'Base CSS class and prefix for the component. Generally one should only change bsClass to provide new, non-Bootstrap, CSS styles for a component.
bsStyleone of: "success", "warning", "danger", "info", "default", "primary"'default'Component visual or contextual style variants.