# Upgrade guide

  1. If you have a tools folder (non-meteor users) in your seed project, please replace it with the one in v4.1.0
  2. If you are using the meteor-seed replace the packages folder with the one in v4.1.0.
  3. Please replace the package.json in your project with the one in v4.1.0 seed project and then run: npm install. Make sure to save your installed dependencies back to the new package.json file (these are marked as extraneous when you run npm ls).
  4. There is a breaking change between 15.1.0 and 15.3.1 with respect to how props are transferred. An Unknown prop warning is triggered if/when props are transferred to native elements which do not support the said prop. More information about this can be found here. Please remove any {...this.props} that are passed directly to native elements.
  5. If you are using Mozilla L20n, we have moved the plugin out of @sketchpixy/rubix to public/l20n.js. You will have to import the plugin into your src/plugins.js file (see: Mozilla L20n documentation for more details)

# Changelog

  1. Upgraded React to v15.3.1, @sketchpixy/rubix to v2.9.4.
  2. Upgraded React-Bootstrap to v0.30.3.
  3. Provided option to add custom middleware (redux-seed).
  4. Moved l20n out of @sketchpixy/rubix. Now available in public/js/l20n.js.
  5. Fixed Redux fetchData bug when using nested routes.
  6. Fixed Laravel windows related installation bug.
  7. Fixed regression in Sidebar component for touch devices.
  8. Added documentation for Mozilla L20n.
  9. Fixed Rails documentation.
  10. Fixed Laravel documentation.
  11. Fixed documentation for custom integration.
  12. Fixed documentation for redux and relay.
  13. Fixed regression in redux-router.
  14. Fixed a Windows specific regular expression bug in tools/webpack.client.json.
  15. Fixed rubix-bootstrap package.json which was causing custom builds to fail.
  16. Added minimize prop to Panel component.