# Wells Well

Use the well as a simple effect on an element to give it an inset effect.

            const wellInstance = (
              <Well>Look I'm in a well!</Well>


# Optional classes

Control padding and rounded corners with two optional modifier classes "large" and "small" passed to bsSize prop. You can also use shortcut props lg and sm to achieve the same variation.

            const wellInstance = (
                <Well lg>Look I'm in a large well created using shortcut prop!</Well>
                <Well bsSize="small">Look I'm in a small well!</Well>


# Props

bsClassstringwellBase CSS class and prefix for the component. Generally one should only change bsClass to provide new, non-Bootstrap, CSS styles for a component.
bsSizeone of: "lg", "large", "sm", "small"Component size variations
smbooleanfalseSmall size variation shortcut
lgbooleanfalseLarge size variation shortcut